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Bug: Quest location looping.



I think my Quest party is stuck in some kind of location loop. For the past few dozen quests--I think since I hit level 20--every scenario uses the same 8-10 locations: Apothecary, Junk Beach, Prison, Rusty Dragon, Farmhouse, Old Light, and a couple others. This has been going on way too long to be anything but a loop. Anyone else notice something similar?, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.

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I have have been to level 17 twice with different party pre v1.0.3 and then started anew party after v1.0.3. I have noticed a lot of repitition on locations for levels 7-10. Of course they are locations I dont like


Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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Below is my take on the situation from my experiences - lvl 32 party.


There are 3 different 'sets' of locations. These are labelled by a different geographical name which appear on the left side of the screen on the middle. These are Sandpoint, Lost Coast and Turtleback Ferry - from memory I thought I saw a Magimar set but can not see it now. Each set probably has an equal chance of appearing - though to me it feels like I see the Sandpoint set the most.


Each set has 8 locations. For parties with less than 6 characters the locations are chosen at random from this set. For 6 charecter parties you also get the same 8 locations (ie the full set).


On 6 Player Legendary the locations are also always in the same order. Which means there are only 3 different locations set ups possible.


The locations in each set are:



Village House, Wooden Bridge, Farmhouse, The Rusty Dragon, Apothecary, Prison, The Old Light, Junk Beach.


Lost Coast:

Thassilonian Dungeon, Shrine to Lamashtu, Throne Room, Warrens, Deeper Dungeon, Mountain Peak, Acadamey, Farmhouse


Turtleback Ferry:

General Store, Farmhouse, Wooden Bridge, Trechorous Cave, Acadamey, Waterfront, Village House, Woods


I would be interested to hear if anyone has seen anything different.

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If it is intended I implore the devs to give us back the Guard Tower.  There just isn't enough experience gained per encounter without taking advantage of bonus enemy encounters. Leveling seems to take so long that I'm dissuaded from playing heroes outside my initial maxed party.

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