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Has there been any word on how they envision the multiplayer will work?


Is it aiming for a real-time digital version of the tabletop ACG where everyone is playing in the same room?  Or will it support asynchronous play like Words With Friends and other games where you go about your life and receive a pop up a notification when your turn comes around?


I'm just wondering how to handle situations where players may need to cooperate to finish the scenario, but may be entirely different locations.

"Hey, how was your weekend?  Sorry I haven't called in a while... So.., I just ran into another Siren.  Mind if you hook me up with a blessing?  I took a beating last time and things are looking a little grim..."

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I hate to be a wet blanket, but I don't think multiplayer will be implemented until after AD6 is finished and the whole game is released on Steam. Making multiplayer while the game is tablet-only seems like a poor business decision to me. So ... probably not anywhere close to "soon," not even Soon . :(

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