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1 in 6 Fire damage when boss escapes breaks game



When I am doing legendary solo runs and have the ring of protection I have found a game breaking bug. If I run into the villain, defeat him, and he rolls a 1 causing damage due to a wildcard power the game freezes up. The 1 is rolled triggering the damage, he shuffles and runs away, then it returns to my character and when I select the rind of protection and it freezes. At that point I need to forfeit the game and retry. 


iPad if that matters.

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I was doing Poison Pill solo legendary runs with Mersi. The only wildcard I remember was the 1 in 6 fire damage one. I think the other one was a -5 blessing or lose a blessing on boon failed attempt. Not sure about the second wildcard though. Beat the villian in the first location, rolled a 1 for fire damage, he ran, when it tried to apply the fire damage I threw up the ring of protection and then hitting the blue triangle did nothing.


It was no big deal, I just forfeit and made another attempt. Since it was the first location I was only out a minute or so. 

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