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Frozen orb's extra combat die affects ALL characters til it's off deck




The item frozen will extend its extra combat die to all combat roll so long as the character that place it next to deck doesn't take it off, regardless of locations. I think it's description imply only the character that use the card

This becomes overpowering especially when in large party and facing a horde barrier of some sort.


Pic shows wizard placed the item, post-163209-0-52584200-1463510904_thumb.jpg

Character elsewhere benefits from extra diepost-163209-0-89356900-1463511025_thumb.jpg



Ps: not meaning this to be rude , but this game is a bug galore . this technical support section plainly outstrip other forum segment. I wonder if you guys could really fill report for each and every bug user submit. Just saying

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Hey Rhygar,  


Thanks for pointing this out to use. We'll investigate it further. I'll admit there are a lot more bugs than we were hoping for, but we're doing our best to get them bugged and fixed. So thank you guys for being so awesome and reporting them here. Because of all of you, we can make this game as awesome as it can be!

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