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Desecrated Vault bugs



I now have two broken games, both due to the Desecrated Vault. I am on Android, a Samsung Galaxy S7, and this occurred on the game version prior to today's patch in story mode, on the black dragon Quest, no permadeath, no pass and play.


The first was upon closing it, and when I tried to recharge a card from discard, when selecting the card no options appeared. No other UI objects were selectable either, though some would make noise if clicked.


The second was on hard mode, where I took a damage and had to bury a card and the same behavior as before occurred.


Very frustrating, I guess I'll just avoid the Vaults for now.

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Hey notalljims, 


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! Sorry to hear about your troubles. With the new patch out, I would suggest to delete your old saves and make a new party. Under Filter Characters tap on Experienced and select your party again. You should be able to continue where you left off without losing any progress. 


Thanks a bunch!

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Sometimes there aren't buttons for the actions. You must drag the card to where you need it. So, at the Desecrate Vault after you closed it, drag the card from the open discard pile window over to the deck on the bottom right (I think it even glows a bit to call your attention to it). Likewise, when burying a card from your discard pile, drag it from the open discard window down to the patch of brown dirt just right of the discard pile.

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