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Bleeding check difficulty and other fun buggys ;-)



I heard this From another players and desided to redo it.


The problem. When game event for example villain increase its own difficulty, the difficulty leaks to other checks. In this example Seoni meets Justin Ironbear alone and there Are some temporary closing checks as well as one summoned enemy. Also very nice example of well known Sealah future seing bug ;-)


Have a good Ride!


First Seoni meets Justin, and Justin rolls 2 with his D4 to increase his own difficulty


second Sealah tries temporary close her location. It should be Divine 6 but instead it is Divine 8


Why? Because Justin difficulty modifiers bleeds to closing check.



Next Justing summoned Goblin cutpurse and the wisdom 6 is visdom 8 instead... Same bleeding effect...


And so on to all checks, but...


Last poor Justing fight without his +2 difficultu modifier


And lose his fight...


And They lived happily there after... Or did They?



Justing come back later and and summons a boar. Seelah try to make wisdom check and use her power and well known fortuneteller bug strikes again and Seelah get some spanking ;-)

10 damage From wisdom check failure that converted to be combat check via fortuneteller power and boost by Justin like before.



Hilarious ;-)


Summasummarum, some difficulty check modifiers affect in all the wrong places!

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