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Basic cards do not show up after starting story

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When I first start the story I can rebuild by deck with the basic cards. But after beating a scenario the available cards is completely blank. Annoying when I don't want to use some of the cards I got during the scenario and game breaking when there isn't enough cards to fill my deck.

iPad Air 2 with latest software. Perma death and pass and play are off.



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I am having an issue that is very similar. I can not rebuild my deck after a scenario. Have to banish an ally to close a location and did not acquire any allies during the scenario.   As such i can not complete the decks and cannot advance. Love the game doing a great job. 


Galaxy s4 




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I have personally never met this problem...
1) you only have full acces to the card pool before first scenario
2) later you first have to try to build Leila deck by using found cards (yes They may be bad, but that is how the physical game works)
3) if there Are not enough cards (like I did not have after clock tower scenario, I press go on arrow (only possible if you use all other possible cards in you characters) and pick up the missing card in the next screen.

Some people have had problems in advancing to the next screen. But first check that nobody has not extra cards (that has to be put back to the wault) and that nobody has a card that can be gives to another character. Loot cards does not show in the right section, so you have to togle show all cards button on.

It may Also be a bug, one that I personally have ever met. But first check those things.



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First of all, selecting from the cards you picked up is a rules feature, not a software bug. If you've picked up stuff you wouldn't like, it's tough.

On the point of not having enough cards to fill, rearrange your existing cards, click continue, and then you'll get access to the basic cards to rebuild with.

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Hey everyone!


If you click on the continue arrow, it should update the screen and reveal the cards in the pool area.


Let me know if that works, thanks!

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