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True, but if you loaded up the spell casters with Augeries, Spyglasses, and allies that let you encounter cards, and hand off their blessings to her each turn, you can easily stack location decks for her to burn through.


Open your app and look in the Gallery, you can see the power levels of rhe banes and boons. She could walk through most of them with just the 4 blessings.

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Well I'm learning. I'm planning a second character currently, while Mikiko stews in the cauldron of balance.

Oh don't get me wrong, it's extremely cool that you made a character. And her middling stats might balance that out anyway. But yeah very good at misc type checks.

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Just caught this thread. This is very cool, and shows a lot of effort.


One thing: her dice are off. PACG characters never have dice that add up to more than 42. (Some have 40).  She has 44. Even though her biggest die is d8, she's 2 over.


The language is non-standard.  You can strike "A displayed blessing cannot be played." That's given by the rules. Whenever you play a card, it has to come from your hand unless something specifically tells you otherwise. Displayed cards aren't in your hand.


You might say something like "Return displayed blessings to your hand at the end of your turn".


The role feat should be "You gain the skill Fortitude: Constitution + 2" if that's what you mean. It's never given what base skill a secondary skill is derived from.

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