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Salvaging Cards



Hey there.

iPad Air2
iOS 9.3.1

I started the app, it advised I had successfully logged in. I went to gallery, looked at B deck weapons, spells, armour, items and allies

I salvaged nine cards (common rarity) from the B deck allies that I had received from chests. Each time I salvaged an ally, a dialogue box would appear, advising me of the amount I would receive (2 gold) and asking for confirmation. I confirmed and my gold total appeared, going up by 2 and the salvaged card disappeared. On the 7th 8th and 9th salvages I noticed that the gold amount appeared, but did not change.

At the beginning I had 2299 gold and at the end I had 2299 gold.

I'm happy the cards are gone, as I didn't want them, but i would like the 18 gold.


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Can you send an email to the address in this post so we can take a look at your account? Thanks!



I wrote to that address. I hope we resolve the issue soon, as now I'm afraid to Salvage my duplicates, and my Vault is getting flooded with crap.


What happened:

I bought the 10+1 Chest bundle, and after I was done with it, my Vault was full of crappy duplicates (yeah, either your drop tables suck really bad, or my luck does; for about 30 chests now, I haven't seen a single Legendary, and if I never see another Blacksmith or Chevalier it will be too soon).

- so I started Salvaging, only vaguely aware of the blinking Gold Pieces number in the upper right of screen

- maybe 20 cards in, I notice something's wrong: after the Bundle, I had 95 Gold left, and now I see the number is still in the two digits.

- so of course I test it with one more Salvage (N-th Dilletante, I'll miss you dearly ... not!) , and I see 95 changing to 97 Gold. But, of course, I should've been long past this number, and I realize, the whole time the number's been changing from 95 to 97-98 (depending on Salvaged rarity)

- I run to the Store hoping it's maybe just visual glitch (it has happened before - scenarios showing 0 Gold awarded, but my Gold in Store updating properly) - no such luck, I'm still stuck at 95


So, yeah, I've been kinds suckered into losing 40 Gold or thereabout. It wouldn't have been so bad (I'd probably notice it earlier) if that Gold Piece shower wasn't jingling so happily across my screen , and my Gold Piece counter wasn't showing misleading updates.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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May I know if it is possible to salvage the basic cards like long sword, mace, quarter staff, etc? I clicked on the cards but there is no salvage button.


I have multiple copies of them and I believe that the probabilities of these cards appearing will be higher, resulting the better cards to have lesser chance of appearing.

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