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In the meantime while they are working on the steam version, you can play the android version on pc using a virtual machine.


I have been playing Pathfinder Adventures on my pc using Andy, an android virtual machine that utilizes oracle vmware. It is free, but you get a couple adds the first time you run it and a couple of small "suggested games" that you can just uninstall. Other people have said that Bluestacks plays the game well too. I have been playing many of my android games on pc for awhile now using andy, I have yet to see one it doesn't run well. It is nice to play these games on a big screen when at home, and it can get you around buying some games twice that sell mobile and pc versions separately.



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I might have to wait for the PC version since the game gets pretty laggy on my iPad 4.

Odd, it runs smoothly on my iPad 4.  Someone said it was laggy on their iPad Air as well, which is even newer.  I don't keep my iOS up to date, so I wonder if there's an optimization issue with the latest version.

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