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Inconsistent naming of scenario powers



I'm not sure if this happens anywhere else, but I noticed that in The Poison Pill, on the left hand side where passive effects are displayed, the scenario power for that scenario is called "Scenario Power", while in pretty much every other scenario, it is called the name of that scenario (which I like, it's more thematic). Just a small detail, but we all know the small details matter (and you guys have done a great job with them!) ;)

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That's carried over from the card game.  Different devs, different verbage.  One was relying on everyone knowing that unless otherwise specified, you always play cards from your hand.  Similarly, you'll see one say "Discard a card from your deck" and another saying, "Discard the top card of your deck."  They mean the same thing.

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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