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Bug - unable to have multiple people take checks

Matsu Kurisu


ios9.31 ipad mini

merisial, ezran, lini, sheelah


Just came across the two check bosses, had ezren and sheelah at the same location

ezrans turn

Under physical game rules, you could split checks between people at the same location as long as the active player did at least one of the checks

Under the game it would not allow me the select sheelah to take one of the checks


Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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Hey there.


In the Beta, when there were multiple characters at a location and a Bane with multiple checks was encountered, an icon(small) would appear in the top/middle of the screen. If you selected this, then the other character at the location, would be able undertake one of the checks.


I have yet to encounter a multiple check bane in the live version, but I expect it to be the same.



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Thank you guys for pointing out this one.

I don't want to sound rude, but how could you ever think that icon would suggest choosing other characters to attempt the check? That icon is already used for a specific action (giving a card to another character). There's no way a player could think the same icon would be used for a completely different choice (where you're not even handing someone a card).i presume that's some sort of placeholder because the correct icon wasn't ready at release.

I'm loving the game and I know that the bugs will eventually be fixed, but all the reports in this forum seem to indicate the game wasn't quite ready for release this week.

Maybe another month of polishing things out would have been appreciated, but the game had to be released for marketing reasons.

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The card game has a 32 page rulebook.  Getting all that into a basic tutorial is a challenge.  They're already looking at way to make more features and options and such more visible, especially to people who've never played the card game before.


That's how I worked it out.  I play the card game a LOT, and I was thinking, "There should be a way to let Kyra take a check on this baddy..."  And then I took a quick look at the Skill Selection area and it had an Icon I'd never seen before on it.  I clicked it and, Voila!

"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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We need "how to" videos about


How to make an party


How to make your first deck


How to log in the game


How to make a check


How to make check against multible checks


How to chose and get rewards


How to remake the deck after scenario (too Many cards, too few cards)


How to close location / how to (and why) temporally close location


How to discard, banish, recycle, etc. A card and why.


How to corner Villain and why


How vault work, how treasure box work, how or manage your wault...


A lot of videos...

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90% of those things can be easily learnt reading the card game rulebook (available on Paizo website) and watch it played videos of the card game.

What I always suggest when trying to learn how to play a tabletop game in digital form is look for the original tabletop game rules and videos. As good as a tutorial in the digital game can be, nothing can beat understanding the original game. That's because then you can take that knowledge to the digital game and you know what the game is expecting from you, instead of cluelessly roaming the interface...

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