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So I've mostly focused on single target dps classes playing on PotD but I have to say, I think big mobs of enemies have been more annoying for me to deal with than the big baddies.


Which class do you find to be the best at clearing out mobs of enemies?

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Wizards are imo best for dealing with large packs of enemies , not only they have plenty of AoE damage and CC spells , but Blast is a superior version of carnage and does wonders either with Golden Gaze ( 2x Blast proc ) or with Rod of Pale Shades ( Stunning , Interfering blast AoE ) also there is that implement that prone on crit .

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For pure damages I would say that dragon trashed chanter and his friendly constant AoE seems hard to match, at least because of its convenience and chanter tankyness. It's like 140 AoE damages every 4s at high level.


Then 1-2 crowd controler like druids or wizards would make the perfect mix. Wizards may be the strongest but relentless storm is like an auto win button. I suspect stag's carnage+avenging storm to be the ultimate Crowd Cleaner. I have yet to test it.


Finally, 1 priest is always awesome. Buffs will shift the balance on your side, and his AoE damages are far from ugly.

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For crowd control I'd definitely go with 2 characters: Druid and high perc and int barbarian with tall grass. Very difficult to beat that combo.

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Talking about relentless storm , ranger with stormcaller and lvl 13 talent gets nasty tho thats very late in the game 


best is to have them all : 


Wizard with Blast 

Barbarian with Unlabored Blade

Dragon trashed chanter

Ranger with Stormcaller

Stag Druid 

And either priest or paladin for healing , both can do some nasty aoe by the end of the game , also KF pala gets easy time last hitting enemies when everybody else is doing carnage .

I actually went with similar team just took a Cipher instead of Druid , now im really bored with ciphers and wish i played druid instead but i think Amplified Wave pays off in the end .

After certain point in the game , you can set aggressive AI and only quick switch with cipher to generate focus for more amplified waves 


Barbarian with unlabored blade and AI that uses Frenzy and Savage Defiance requires literally 0 micro

Same goes for ranger with stormcaller it makes no difference who he attacks 

Chanter can be left for AI as well , as long as dragon trashed is up he will tank everything 

Wizard with blast and Rod of Pale Shades works pretty much same as stormcaller ranger 

that leaves you only two characters to micromanage , also its worth noting that vs any kind of vessels Kind Wayfarer paladin can be safely left alone with aggressive AI as long as you have redeemer , just sit back and watch fireworks 

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By far the most powerful mob clearer in the game right now is the druid with his storm spells. The cipher was the best post patch 3.02 before amplified wave got nerfed.


I wouldn't be surprised if the Druids storms get nerfed in the next patch. (I hope obs aren't reading this haha)

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When it comes to clearing mobs i want it to be done by autos not by druid spells (would never use a per rest spell on trash fight ) anything that requires me to cast a spell imo is below average at clearing mobs , druids stag is nice tho with avenging storm his autos can be devastating

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