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Dungeons always empty--this a bug?

Arsene Lupin


In the course of my playthrough, I've sent maybe 3 or 4 NPCs to the dungeons of Caed Nua. And each time after I do so, I return to the stronghold and visit the dungeons only to find them empty. Is this a bug? My save is pretty old, so is it possible that it's something that was fixed in a patch, but that wouldn't apply to older saves?

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Heya Arsene Lupin,


Do you happen to remember who you took prisoner for the dungeons? As Achilles mentioned, there are multiple cells, each one tied to a specific person that you can take prisoner. Make sure you're checking them all =)


And as Suen mentioned, it's also possible for the prisoners to escape. The chance increases inversely with your security score, so if you've been neglecting to upgrade it's more than possible this is what happened.


If neither of those are the case, would you mind uploading a save file for me to take a look? 



I try my very best.

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