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White March - Urthal hitting for 136-1237 damage



Hello, I have a game breaking bug here as it won't allow me to progress, Urthal in the white march, and his fighters (wizard and rogue not affected) are hitting for 130 damage plus every time, and at others they hit at 1300, the 1000+ damage only occurred after I had dragged one of his wizards towards me with a teleportation, and the others were distracted by summoned tentacles, after I killed the wizard the fight ended, as I entered into the fight again, Urthal started hitting in the 1000's plus, obviously 137 and 1000+ are both ridiculous, it is impossible for me to complete the fight.


Link to dropbox with save and output log https://www.dropbox.com/s/8e17saiosq4hq00/60c0297b-f807-424f-8151-ef000bb1d92b%20quicksave.zip?dl=0


If my specs are needed for this issue let me know and I'll post them, I'm sure this damage amount isn't intentional.

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New bug to report, apparently all the enemies in the white forge area now have 155 deflection, well at least the little dwarf fighters, the phantoms are at around 90 and I can still hit them so I suppose that is intentional

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Not intended, it's a nasty bug.


I think it's a variation of the bug Aarik (Obsidian) talked about in this other thread: Skaen Temple Guards nigh unkillable


Hey Stank_Hoe,


We currently have a bug in where if you save/load a multiple times in the same area, enemies with shields deflection and reflexes will increase each time. We are working on a fix. 



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