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  1. Plenty of people noticed the 4 man limit in Tyranny, of course, this was amongst the other more.. glaring issues with the combat. I don't really look at it as a "oh I have to leave them behind", but only as a worry that they may take even more from Tyranny (obviously in this case the "bad" or "simplified" things). Things I think most people would rather not be taken, with multiclassing it bridges the gap between class specific and classless, and instead of 4 or 6 we get 5. I already am wary about how well multiclassing will work, and I take this reduction as a necessary decision because of
  2. I'm guessing it has to do with balancing in regards to the multiclassing. I'm not horribly disheartened if it works, but lets be happy it isn't 4 like in Tyranny, because I feel that was one of the harder nails in its combat coffin. Perhaps it'll be changed later or be modded in? The plus side is that with multiclassing theoretically we won't need 6 chars because we won't need a dedicated support member, I just really hope it doesn't spiral into how easy Tyranny was on PoTD. We are here to give feedback so lets see how it progresses and if it should be changed!
  3. I would be incredibly hesitant to think they will switch engines in anyway, thinking it might be borderline just not happening here. With Pillars made, they have an incredible array of tools now available to them, that they also understand. I am pretty sure because of this and not having to redesign a system from the ground up like with Pillars this will only be a positive moving forward because they can focus solely on content and the story.
  4. http://venturebeat.com/2017/01/26/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-is-obsidians-first-stab-at-crowdfunding-on-fig/ This article has gone against any other I've seen an included the presumed party size, which it says will be 5
  5. New bug to report, apparently all the enemies in the white forge area now have 155 deflection, well at least the little dwarf fighters, the phantoms are at around 90 and I can still hit them so I suppose that is intentional
  6. Hello, I have a game breaking bug here as it won't allow me to progress, Urthal in the white march, and his fighters (wizard and rogue not affected) are hitting for 130 damage plus every time, and at others they hit at 1300, the 1000+ damage only occurred after I had dragged one of his wizards towards me with a teleportation, and the others were distracted by summoned tentacles, after I killed the wizard the fight ended, as I entered into the fight again, Urthal started hitting in the 1000's plus, obviously 137 and 1000+ are both ridiculous, it is impossible for me to complete the fight. L
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