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I just bought the white march I extension, But I do not know how to enter it.
I read that it was necessary to make a backup before the pit to get back to CAD NUA.
Unfortunately my last backup are all in the pits where I killed Thaos.

Should I start the whole game?

pfffff I do not want. is there another way?

Thank you for your answers


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If you have no saves before the pit then the only option would be to use the console to teleport yourself to another zone. I don't know the exact console commands needed to do so but they should be on this page: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Console_command


You'll need to find the in-game name of a zone to teleport to, I don't know them myself but I'm guessing they'll be pretty obvious (try something like "caed_nua" or "Caed_Nua").


Note that this will disable achievements. If you care about achievements I think your only option will be to start a new game.

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What values did you enter for <name> and <start point>? I imagine the full command would look something like "Areatransition Caed_Nua West1" (without the quotation marks obviously). You may need to try a few different values for <start point> since not every map will have all those start points (I think).


Oh also did you type the "iroll20s" command before trying the area transition command? I believe that is required first.

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ok, i used "Iroll20s" first.

command is : "Areatransition Caed_Nua South, South1 ... East ... West ..." nothing append

I also tested Valwood and some others place but no chance

I tested command "Rest" it works.

i used "UnlockAllMaps" before but no


hummm :)

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It's not a bug, you need to input the commands correctly.


AreaTransition AR_0601_Stronghold_Exterior North1 


would work. (You might need to iroll20s first.)


The game also automatically backs up a separate save before you enter the pit, so you will always have a save for White March unless you deliberately deleted it.

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