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  1. Hello, Thanks for the real command "AreaTransition AR_0601_Stronghold_Exterior North1" it works very well. Thank you all. But how do you know this area "AR_0601_Stronghold_Exterior" you cannot invent it ?
  2. Maybe. This game is not really tested. there are many bugs. it's a pity !
  3. ok, i used "Iroll20s" first. command is : "Areatransition Caed_Nua South, South1 ... East ... West ..." nothing append I also tested Valwood and some others place but no chance I tested command "Rest" it works. i used "UnlockAllMaps" before but no hummm
  4. Hi Jerek, Thank you for your response. My save is in the pit. when i use Areatransition <name> <start point> "this is not available at this time" May be this script doesn't work in dungeons. Only in outside ?
  5. Hello, I just bought the white march I extension, But I do not know how to enter it. I read that it was necessary to make a backup before the pit to get back to CAD NUA. Unfortunately my last backup are all in the pits where I killed Thaos. Should I start the whole game? pfffff I do not want. is there another way? Thank you for your answers Jerome
  6. Hello, I have a lot of crashes when I backup or I change areas. This completely blocks my computer, I have to restart. I have reinstalled the game I updated the drivers for the video card and sound. It's always the same. I attach files that can be useful. Thank you for your responses. Jerome ps i cant post the save (too big) 4 MB DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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