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No text/pink blocks on main menu



Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


It's only been happening since the most recent update, but essentially, everything that used to have the New, Load, Options menu and the little buttons down the  bottom-right of the menu screen that opens when you open the game are just big pink blocks, as if the image for them is missing.


Here's a link to an image I took (the printscreen on my keyboard is broken so sorry about the quality)


Funny thing is, if I approximate where the buttons would be, I can still go into the Load, Options, etc. menus by clicking, but when I go in, the menu appears with all the text gone!


Here's a link to an image of that (I think this is either the Load or Options menu).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Moved to Pillars of Eternity Tech section, as the devs are more likely to spot your post here...

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Heya kraftcheese,


Thanks for joining the forums!


Pink is the default color used to display missing textures in PoE, so it seems your instillation is missing a few things. If you're running through Steam, try verifying your cache.


If you're using gog, unfortunately you'll have to try reinstalling. There's been some problems with the gog patches that we're looking in to, but installing fresh using the latest installer seems to fix it for a lot of people.


Hope that helps! 

I try my very best.

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