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3.02bug: talking with the gods



I have finished WM2.

After beating the kraken, I selected Zahua to hit the crystal with the hammer. My group survived because someone with high survival skill lead them over the ice and Zahua survived thanks to the diving helmet.


Later I finished the quest in noonfrost and afterwards the gods rymgard, Skaen and Ondra talk to me.

Ondra says something like "I did not expect to see you again so soon." and I have the option to answer something like "You cost me the life of somebody who is important to me [passionate]".

This is a bug because everybody survived.


I played in german so I do not know the text in english.

Look in the german translation thread at posts #996 to #999 (its written in german)

Ask Xaratas if you have a problem, he looked at the files behind this.

If I understand him correctly, the game looks if somebody has been left behind, but it does not check if this person has been saved with the diving helmet.



How can you quote something from another thread?


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