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End of Scenario



(I might have already reported this. I'm PACGX (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game eXhausted))


At the end of a Scenario, I feel there is far too much clicking.

Click Character. 

Click Card to reveal.

Click Card to minimize.



6 characters x 3 clicks = 18 clicks to get your loot.


Why not just 1 click per character? Reveal the card, waita second and minimize it.

If it wasn't shown long enough, let the user choose to click it again to maximize it.


Also, why can't we maximize them to read them? Everywhere else, you can click them and maximize them, but not in the end scenario area.


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I actually like it holding on the card being revealed to have interaction before minimizing.


That being said, I do agree that the click card to reveal needs to be eliminated. If you click the character, that should be enough to move through revealing the card automagically.  Further, by clicking next, that should also eliminate needing to click the next character altogether.

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