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Some Brindle level point-missing there, good to see ya carrying that torch.


But switching to the single larget hit topic, could always dual the Bittercuts; less potential, but higher upfront average.

Don't think I insulted anyone or used the words "mate", "lol" or "rogues are OP". ;)

So I can't find any brindleness in my posts. You may not like what I said, but I never attacked you or anything you said. At least it was not my intention. So maybe you should take a step back and look at it from a distance. I can see that you might think I was mocking the term "superlash", but that was not what I wanted. I just remembered my good old Unreal Tournament days with "Mo-mo-mo-monsterkill!!!". :) It was not my intention to make fun of you. If you had the impression I apologize.


However - this discussion has turned into something interesting around lashes and elemental damage and how to squeeze the heck out of it. I like it! Actually your guys' ideas with dual Bittercuts and Spirit of Decay are great. Never thought about it, but it's the only one handed weapon that does elemental damage. So thank you for that. :)



You've got the wrong impression if you think I was insulted (which...kinda fits the theme). I was just pointing out your post missed the point of mine. Of which the follows up continued to do so, in a Brindle fashion (albeit with far more coherence). If it was intentional, I'd call it trolling; I went for the benefit of the doubt. But hey, it doesn't matter, keep doin you.

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Well, the initial question got answered pretty fast, so I thought there was no need to further elaborate on that. 


The rest was only silly jokes and a bit of theorycrafting around lashes. No Trolling intended.


However - comparing me to brindle really hurt. Never do that again please. ;(  

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Monsterlash is a thing the hater can go hatin somewhere else , u should do no explaining of urself Boeroer , ur builds and ideas always top notch , im lvl 10 now with my DW Bleak Walker Pala , just got myself Bittercut :D gonna make a class build thread after im finished with playtrough , tribute to your monsterlash idea :D

@ Teioh_White where did "monsterlash" touch u ? Show on the doll

Edited by Blunderboss
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