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Where should the world of Eora Go From Here? - Please drop in and share your thoughts

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Fallout 2 and Icewind Dale 2 both were also franchise sequels, they didn't use characters from previous games so there was no reason for transferring characters or save games.   



I mean, there's no REASON they couldn't have carried characters or world states over in the sequels if that's what they WANTED to do.  I brought this up precisely because lots of people have talked about save file transfer for PoE2, despite Obsidian having no precedent of implementing such things.


Personally, I think I generally prefer making new characters with new games.  Character creation is one of my absolute favorite parts of any RPG.



They could had but saving world state sequel wasn't think that was done by anybody when Fallout 2 come out and they also set it so far on future that world state from Fallout 1 would not had really mattered that much. 


In Icewind Dale 2 they decided to change rule system which prevented using character import mechanism that was build in IE. And it was also done during time when saving world state wasn't done by anybody really, like for example Bioware didn't do it in Baldur's Gates either.

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