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Beta2: accuire and use ally power - game stopping bug



Story mode, legendanry difficulty, 4 character, no permadead, Seoni, Mersiel, Valeros, Kyra.

Crow bate scenario.


I encounter ally BrodertQuink in the Wooden bridge with Seoni. There was Also Mersiel there.

I used the allys bury power and there was no way of continuing the game.

I did go to store and back. No efect.

I did quit the game and started ower. No efect. The game is stuck in the map with Empty locations.








The only solution seems to Start again From the very Beginning.

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Brodert broke my game when I buried him for a different reason. Your screens look similar to mine. Every once in a while when I load my game I have the option to roll the Int check to recharge him before the game breaks again. Would be interesting if your save has the same behavior.

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