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[3.02 BETA] Noonfrost - on reloading the NPCs can turn hostile.



Bug description:
One party member is using stealth to explore Noonfrost.
You save the game, still undetected.
You reload the game.
Now all the NPCs are hostile.


I suspect 2 conditions are probably necessary:
Your companion in stealth must be or have been into the main room. It's not enough to be trespassing (see savegame attached: in "test III" Devil is trespassing, but the NPCs are not hostile).
When you save the game the rest of your party must be somewhere visible to the NPCs.


Steps to reproduce the bug:
Load the savegame "TEST III".
Double click Devil of Caroc.
Step inside the main hall.
Save the game.
Load the game.
The NPCs should be hostile.



In the attached file you also find other 2 saves:
TEST 0: party at the entrance of Noonfrost
TEST IV: saved while Devil is in the main room. On loading, the NPCs attack Eder.

Savegames & Output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2bt3w97k94k3xz/noonfrost_reload.7z?dl=0

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