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Pallegina bugged after installing White March



So I purchased the White March DLC yesterday and upon loading the game today, my Pallegina is totally bugged. It had been some time since I was using her, so I can't say it's related to the installation. First thing I did after install was go to Caed Nua and changed party to put her back into it but to my dismay she is now completely naked. I can see what are likely references to the problem in the output.txt logfile but I'm not sure there's anything I can do to fix it (I did verify game files in steam).


I loaded a handful of saves and she is bugged the same in each one of them. Also, if I add her to party in Caed Nua, I can then enter the keep and talk to her doppleganger, and then upon leaving the keep the party management window will automatically display. If I add her to the party and complete exiting the keep, another copy of her is standing outside and now I can't zone.




Pertinent files are linked:





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Thank you very much Aarik D!


I absolutely love this game and think Obsidian has actually outdone BG2. I appreciate any help that can be provided, though I suspect I am hosed short of starting over. Is there any chance at all that I will get a fixed savegame file or that a patch will correct the issue? I am not willing to start over (though I will in a year or 2 play through again when it isn't fresh in my mind). I'll complete the game without doing Pallagina's quests if I have to, but I am going to hold off on playing at all for now in case there is a chance of fixing the save.

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Update: My savegame file is definitely corrupt somehow. I loaded the oldest save I had where Pallagina is in my party (-12 hours of gameplay sadly, stupid me), and her items are intact. I hope she isn't required for any main quest reason. :(

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