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So I'm considering trying to make a mod that allows you to reforge Soulbound weapons with the Durgan's Steel upgrade (and possibly other modifications like enchantment and quality as a separate option) once you have completed the soulbound challenges of the weapon.  


Does anyone know if this may be possible and any particular place I should start looking within the code to accomplish this?

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Probably you should start with checking the modders subforum.


P.S. If during your journey you will stumble upon "how to remove class restrictions from soulbound items" I would be grateful to hear it out. 

Ryona's Breastplate could be great on a barbarian... and Dragon's Maw Shield could have it's use on a monk.

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Ah, thank you.  I read the description of the Technical subforum and didn't think that there was modding subforum hiding in there.


If I happen to figure out how to remove class restrictions (and set the relevant class related buffs for the non-default classes),  I will be sure to let you know.

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In regards to removing class restrictions, from the examination I have done so far, I think there are 2 ways to go about it:

  • remove the logic that only allows access to a specific set of the classes (I have a few prospective candidates, but this will affect all weapons and I do not yet know how it will behave with the class-specific upgrades)
  • modify each item individually to allow for all classes (same issue as previous, but I also havent found the individual item objects to modify)

I suspect that to resolve the class-specific behavior, I may need to find the items themselves and tinker with the code there, since that is where I believe the logic for that resides (though it may be lurking elsewhere and I have just misunderstood or havent found it yet).  

They will likely be referenced by their ID, but luckily those are easily found in the items.stringtable files of each expansion.  


However, even if I can resolve these issues, I have not yet figured out how to make and keep changes to the code, so all of this is merely theoretical for the time being.  



link to post in the mod forums:


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