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Looking to make an Officer inspired Priest of Magran build. Mostly an RP for Normal or possibly Hard difficulty with companions from the game.

Almost like Cadegund from the companions that were dropped before release. Think heavy plate, arquebus, sword and shield. 

Anyone got any tips for stats, talents, gear to look out for (and what quests to do to get that gear)?

Would appreciate any tips and hints at all. :) I know I want to play Human (Meadow Folk), and that I want to be a Priest of Magran and Mercenary background. But other than that I am flexible.

Thanks alot!

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I havent played poe for some time now but when i did , i used to run ranged parties a lot, all of them using Priest of Magran .

I would suggest either a heavy plate 1h +shield priest of magran who just uses arquebuss for alpha strike , or full ranged priest of magran using arquebuss as its primary source of damage, but then you dont need heavy plates .

Arquebuss with marking , is what i was aiming for with magran priests as it could boost damage of nearby ranger or other ranged character , then i had chanter who gave great buff to reload speed , also i stacked all the possible Accuracy buffs for obvious reasons

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Honestly, I think that if you're going to get the most out of a Priest of Magran, you've got to go Sword (and Shield) and Arquebus, since those are the weapons for which the Magranic talent provides a +10 accuracy boost.


As for outfitting the Priest, I'd probably try to use whichever armor seems appropriate at the time.  When I've played Durance (pretty much in all my parties to date), I've usually had him in plate.  But in my last party, I downgraded him to some excellent scale armor, and it didn't seem to be a negative in combat.  The upside was that his recovery time was a bit quicker.  So maybe consider putting the priest in scale armor, if you can find a really good set.  Or a breast plate or leather.   The key is how often do you intend to bring the priest into melee.  If the answer is quite often, you may prefer heavier armor.  But if you're able to keep the priest off the front lines most of the time, maybe something less than plate would be sufficient.  Personally, I wouldn't go for light armor only because the chances of getting dragged into melee are still pretty good, and light armor may not be protective enough (i.e. good enough DR's) for your tastes, but maybe it would.


For weapons, I particularly like arming Durance with the Whispers of Yenwood anti-spirit Sword, at least when there are spirits around that need slaying.  I may switch it out for a different sword when not facing spirits, but I keep in it in his personal inventory for when he needs it.  


As for the other equipment, I tend to go for the usual:  items of Deflection, items that give bonuses to the other 3 defenses, and items that boost attributes.

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Attributes -


19 might (+1 from Human)

10 constitution

8 dexterity

18 perception

19 intelligence (Old Vailia Culture, it has Mercenary background)

4 resolve (can't drop it lower 'cause Human)



---Wood Elf is way better than Human, but if you're set on human so be it.


Swords aren't great and Skaen would be better for melee(stiletto dual wielding w/minor sneak attacks), but if you're set on doing some sword and boarding I'd use Shame or Glory just as a support weapon(allies get bonus accuracy if attacking your target). Have to side with Knights of the Crucible along the main quest line to get it.


Having high perception early on means your very limited spells and opening gunshot don't miss/graze too often, and high might means your damage punches through DR better and you have better heals. Intellect is a no brainer for most caster builds, for AoE/duration. Low resolve won't be a major issue, wear plate and know when to put on a hatchet(or sword) and small shield. If you dislike minimizing it though, just lower might however much you're comfortable with.


Later on in the game you can respec to move some might and perception into dexterity when you really want to be spell slinging, but for the earlier parts of the game you're rarely going to reload an arquebus in combat so attack speed isn't major, and you'll have much fewer spells per rest so casting them slower isn't a big deal then.


Talents -


Enigma's Charm is a great choice early on, as it gives you something very useful per-encounter while you have few spells.


Inspiring Radiance is a no brainer, +10 accuracy on a per encounter ability for your party.


Inspired Flame seems to be your RP choice, this is a very inspirational priest.


Weapon and Shield style is a good idea, Sword and Board when you're in "caster mode" or being attacked for higher deflection and reflex saves.


Scion of Flame, because priest nukes are mostly fire.


I'd say that covers the obvious important choices for the early-mid game, the rest are icing - you can boost defenses, get a weapon focus and apprentice sneak attack for more damage, whatever you like.

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