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NEWBIE help! Character creation advice needed!

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Hi everyone!


This is my first post here and I wanted to say first of all that I am impressed with the level of dedication of this community. It's truly amazing.


Second off, I am playing the game for the first time and I am getting a bit confused on character creation and what I should go for. I have read guides, threads in this forum as well (so many builds!), and watched videos but I still can't make up my mind because I don't even know if it is possible or not.


Here's my very vaugue idea: I was thinking of playing a character that wields a 2H weapon (a 2H sword if possible). I want him to be melee and I want him to deal good damage. However I like the idea of having some peculiars skills that are not only weapon related, so my idea (and I don't know if it's possible or not, which is why I am asking you all!) was to go for a melee damage-oriented chanter. Is it possible? Is it viable? I like in the back of my mind the idea of playing the wandering bard skilled at melee fighting with 2H weapons.


If it's viable what stats should I invest in? What skills/phrases/etc would you recommend to start or what parameters should I keep in mind when evolvin my character?


Keep in mind, I am completely NEW to this game, so no spoilers please, I just need some general guidelines on how to create and evolve the character if possible.


And if this build is nonsensical/not recommended what class would you suggest for something similar?

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Assuming you aren't playing on PoTD and aren't trying to be the only tank with a bunch of ranged characters you should be fine.


There are two things I would caution you on:

1). Your chanter can melee but he's not a melee DPS character. He'll do some melee damage with cool effects going off.

2). Your chanter can take some hits but isn't a full tank. Let the tanks engage first then attack.


One chanter build that I think looks interesting is the drake's ambassador build. Obviously it's not two handed but you could use a pretty similar spec if that idea appeals to you.

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Stasis summed it up nicely imo. A chanter won't ever really shine as a melee character. They are really all about the chants and invocations.


For your first playthrough I would probably just recommend a fighter. Although they don't have any magical talents you could always put points into Lore and use scrolls, or the abilities on items. If you look at AndreaColumbo's "Lady of Pain" thread you will find info about an extremely high dps fighter that uses 2hers and can take hits as well. Estocs or Greatswords have very good weapon options and fill your request of a 2her sword.

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A melee oriented damage dealing Chanter can certainly work, but the majority of his damage will never really he from his weapons since Chanters don't get any Abilities or Talents designed to up their melee damage. If you're okay with that then it could certainly work and the Drake's Ambassador would make a good starting point for your build.


On Hard difficulty or lower you should be able to get away with wielding a two-handed sword instead of a sword and shield (might be worth keeping a sword and shield slotted in your secondary weapon slots just in case) without too much difficulty.


Other classes that might appeal to you from your description would be Monks and Paladins. Monks can be perfectly viable with weapons, including two-handed ones, and will fulfil the role of melee damage dealer who throws special powers around occasionally. Similarly for Paladins.

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