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  1. Hi guys, I like the concept of the Arcane Archer a lot but I wonder: would that class be good for a character using dual wield pistols? And would be a good multiclass that could create a good synergy with it? I am thinking of Bloodmage mostly because of Blood Sacrifice, but maybe that wouldn't really matter too much with dual pistols...
  2. Dual Pistol Wizard/Ranger? Whoa, never thought about that. Evoker/GhostHeart maybe? Is Ranger+Another class the way to go for dual pistols then?
  3. Hi all, After many months since I finished my first playthrough I decided to stop and wait for a few more DLCs to come out before starting again. I read the thread and saw many useful tips but I am still a bit confused. My goal is to run a dual pistol build. I have just started with a simple Devoted/Ghostheart combo but it feels... underwhelming? I recall seeing a long time ago a video on youtube of a Votary build that seemed fun as it was literally blowing targets with dual pistols, but maybe that build might be obsolete now after all these patches... Any suggestion? Should I
  4. Hi everyone! This is my first post here and I wanted to say first of all that I am impressed with the level of dedication of this community. It's truly amazing. Second off, I am playing the game for the first time and I am getting a bit confused on character creation and what I should go for. I have read guides, threads in this forum as well (so many builds!), and watched videos but I still can't make up my mind because I don't even know if it is possible or not. Here's my very vaugue idea: I was thinking of playing a character that wields a 2H weapon (a 2H sword if possible). I wa
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