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Unending combat bug at the Maw of Galawain

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I have encountered an unending combat bug a couple of times on regular fights. Reloading and finishing the fight again solved it. But this time was different:


I accepted both Galawain's and Rymrgand's quests. First I went to Noonfrost and persuaded the pale elves to walk away. I sealed the breach. I had killed 1 guardian before that since I wasn't stealthy enough (I got too close). Note that I didn't find the prisoner of the Prison of Ice quest at this time, since I got out of Noonfrost fast, thinking that there still might be guards or such (there weren't).


Then I went into the Maw to do Galawain's quest. I killed some lions and lion tribesmen, and after reaching the big lioness, I decided to kill the bear and so I did. Exploring the place further, I got the said Prison of Ice quest, re-entered Noonfrost and released the prisoner.


Now, after re-entering the Maw, I suddenly found myself in combat mode, with no enemies in sight. This made it impossible to finish Prison of Ice.

Solution: Yeah, the good news is that upon loading the latest autosave (inside the Maw), I found out that the "combat" didn't start! So, I finished the quest normally, phew.



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Thanks for your report ^^


Know bug :




Mine. (traitors : p)





Its a Major Gamebreaking Bug. I hope a fix in 3.02.

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Its a Major Gamebreaking Bug. I hope a fix in 3.02.


As a work-around: You can enter the caves ... be attacked by the hostile tribesmen that attack you while exploring in combat mode and disarming traps, too. Sul may be an ally with a green circle for some time, but once you've killed her, you can walk into her lair ... which makes the remaining lions and tribesmen attack you. Combat ends afterwards.

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