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Maw auto combat started no enemies after Noonsong Quest




I'm using the storytime option. I defeated the White Elves in Noonsong and plugged the breach. Then I rescued Alwah and left the temple. When I re-enter the Maw I go into combat mode but there are no enemies left to kill. Which means there is no way to exit combat mode and leaves me stuck in the maw unable to talk to anyone.

So far I have:

  • Tried using the autosave after exiting Noonsong.
  • Using manual save in temple before battle with elves in place the breach needs to be plugged.
  • Doing more quests before returning to Maw.

I considered going to an even earlier save but I decided to check the forums and see if anyone is having similar problems. (I looked at fourteen pages so sorry if someone has already posted this problem)

Going forward I haven't had any problems although I'm having trouble finding the woman in Elmshore. The Ogres were back in the cave (already defeated and Bounty Hunted) so I'm not sure that's right.

I have played the game this far before in easy mode. No problems re-entering the Maw but I wasn't doing the 'repair the breach' quest.

Another issue I'm having which doesn't seem to have been posted is that the Stronghold task screen doesn't tell me that I've got someone assigned to rescue Lord Sidroc.

Having same problem with Mob and Captain outside Caed Nua as everyone else but chose to ignore - thanks for information in forum.


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I am having the same issue. I did notice it was Einden (? the bear guy) who is initiating the combat, which is troublesome, because I killed him already. I would really like to be able to complete this quest because this is my first run. If there is work around or anything, please let us know.

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Update: I loaded an old save and did the noonfrost rescue prior to fighting either party in the Maw, but when I come in Einden still initiates combat, but is green, so I can neither kill him nor even talk to him to then kill him. Hope that helps identify the problem.

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Hey guys, having the same issue here. Einden initiates combat upon entering Galawain's Maw, and even after defeating him, I am still stuck in combat mode. If I load a save way before I initiated the quest, I'm able to enter the Maw no problem. However, I would lose hours of progress if I re-rolled my save. The issue seems to be correlated with leaving the Maw after talking to the npc's and then returning to resume the quest, not sure.



Here are screenshots of what's happening: https://imgur.com/a/9J0yA 



Any updates on how to fix this issue?




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