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Does Aloth spoil the twist or am I missing something?

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Dumb question maybe, but if the God's aren't real, then who the heck are they? They were created by mortals? I was always confused by that point, because even after all this concluding of the God's nonexistence, you still had Woedica and Galawain telling you to do things for them.


I would enjoy a dialogue option to them, in which I say, "Ha! But you're not even real!" Then they just -- poof -- disappear. But I know it's not as simple as that...


I think all this talking to god's is because Zahua slipped something into your food.


You kind of a get a huge amount of info in this game in short spans of time.

They do have all the power of gods, the difference is they are kith-made. They exist, they are real. Their origins are not exactly what the people think to be but that doesn't make their power anything lesser.

Yes it does. Gods are implicitly creators or progenitors;

Says who? I mean in our world sure, you are right. But we are in a fantasty setting. Here anything is possible and it doesn't matter that much to the average Eder. It's an interesting subject for the intelectuals of Eora but only that. I still don't know how that does their power any lesser? Look at what Magran did with Eothas, or Ondra and Abydon. Their power is immense and vastly beyond anything simple Kith can achive. Even archmages such as Llengrath or Concelhaut don't come anything close to the power of the gods.


They're not beyond anything kith can achieve.  They literally are something kith achieved.



By literally sacrificing a civilization's worth of souls and fuse them together into a handful of personas.


So I mean, yeah, you're not wrong.


But for all intents and purposes, Zared is still right.


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For considering the implications of revealing that the gods are created by kith, the beliefs held on Eora are important. AFAIK, the gods are not usually credited with creating the world, they just watch over it and keep it in balance.

OTOH, it the revelation does have huge ramifications: if there was a time without the gods, they are obviously not necessary for the world to continue. And they have no innate authority over morality and how you should lead your life. Sure, they exist and are powerful. But they basically change their nature: From supernatural beings watching over the world to large heaps of soul-stuff who rule by power alone. They lose their authority as gods and become mere tyrants.

And gods, as all tyrants, can be killed. That's what the Godhammer teaches.

Also, god-like beings can be created - not now, maybe not without another mass-suicide. But maybe lesser gods can be achieved - ones that don't have the power to influence the Wheel in all of Eora, but beings who can do so on a lesser scale or in a specific area.

There will be changes.

Therefore I have sailed the seas and come

To the holy city of Byzantium. -W.B. Yeats


Χριστός ἀνέστη!

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By the way, there is an interesting revelation about the gods in WM II.


Gods do have a body.

This body can be killed.

Althought it is not enough to kill the god (as for mortal souls by the way), it seems to severely weaken them.

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Personally, I like the idea that Magran was an unwitting accomplice to Woedica's designs, rather than an active pawn, which some have guessed at, but that hasn't even been hinted on at all within the game, even though it's a completely reasonable stance. The gist of it is that Magran did not support Eothas' not because she supported Woedica, but because she did not believe Eothas' claims, or in the Leaden Key/Thaos conspiracy/scheme. Magran then opposed Eothas entirely for her own reasons, seeing the events in Readceras as the creation of an unsanctioned, unjust theocracy, and the attack on Dyrwood as a way to expand his domain and sphere of complete influence.


Hmm, I always thought, that Magran killed Eothas for power. It strenghtened her position in Dyrwood and destroyed the competition for the position as the most powerful god. Since the Dyrwoodians praise her if you choose to strengthen Dyrwood with the souls, she is the one that wins the most. Of course she gambles a lot, but even a returning Woedica could be just a worthy foe for her to defeat. She is tactical war, after all. She will win, no matter the cost. To be honest, I can see her as the real nemesis for future installments, since Woedica doesn't seem to be the brightest lightbulb without Skaen intriguing for her. And I wouldn't count on Skaen, because, well, he is a bastard. The god of bastards.


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