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How much XP did you end the game with?

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I'm curious as to how much XP people have earned throughout the course of the game. If you've finished the game, and in particular if you're a completionist (attempted to do everything you could in the game), please post your XP total for your main character.

[Also please note anything worth noting that may have affected the XP total, such as if you played a large portion of the game without a full party]





I ask both out of curiousity, and because I'd like to determine the best XP value to set my game at via hex editing as mentioned in this thread and others. (I've yet to play past Act 1, but expect to in the next month or so with a new game).


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Thanks for your response peko.

My bad.

I realize the game caps you at 120k (or lower if you don't have the expansion(s)). As well as that one generally reaches this cap well before the game ends. I should have clarified better.


My question is more directed at anyone who has used an xp cap remover (is there one out there?), or changed the rate at which you level via the IE mod or a hex editor so that you hit the level cap above 120k XP.


In other words, I'd like to know how much XP there is to be had in the game, which can best be answered by Obsidian themselves or by someone who has played all the way through (completionist style) without hitting an XP cap.

It would be awesome if someone from Obsidian could supply the answer.

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I received just over 160k experience with a full party doing everything. Since it's 120k to reach level 16 normally, a 33% increase in experience is around 159k experience required for level 16. So, you would probably reach maximum level with 35%, but may have trouble at 40% - I may have missed a couple quests, but I talked to everyone and went everywhere; this would only be likely if additional quests open up in old places after advancing the plot. Of course, if you played with less than a full party you could probably make 50% increased experience work.


That said, level 15 should be the end goal - level 16 doesn't matter all that much.

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