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White March - Stronghold Inaccessible



So I've seen enough threads about this to notice that this is a common enough problem to be of concern. Long story short, some of us can't access the Stronghold menu during the White March expansion (or anywhere else, for that matter) because we used the console to teleport out of the final dungeon rather than revert to an earlier save. 

In my case and in the case of a few other topics I've read, I had to use the console because the pre-endgame autosave never took place like it was supposed to. All my other saves were there, that one just wasn't. Even opened a ticket and had support check out my savegames. Unfortunately, since I was limiting my number of saves to reduce data bloat, I didn't have a manual save before the endgame either. So my only option to play the expansion content I paid for was console > teleport. Or replay the whole game to get back to the point I was, which is a depressing option for a gamer with limited time.


I understand that the way the code was written was to prevent Stronghold access during endgame, and thus locking it out permanently if you teleport somewhere else during endgame, but this is a HUGE problem for some of us! Essentially, we're locked out of a core game mechanic because we used the command console to work around another bug, that of the final autosave not taking place. We can never use the Stronghold again and lose all of the related content - Including new White March content! - because of this issue. 


So is there any hope for us at all? Can this be patched? I felt cheated due to the savegame issue to begin with (literally, because I had to use cheats to fix it) and now realizing that I've lost a whole chunk of the game is just making me feel more that I can't get the expansion content I was expecting and paid for. So developers, please help those of us who were affected out. Give us our Stronghold back!


Thanks for listening to the rumblings of a depressed gamer who nevertheless loves Pillars of Eternity.

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Hey robthebob11,


Be depressed no more my friend, for I come bearing good news! In patch 3.02 we have added "ReactivateStronghold" to the console command for users who do not have their preendgame.save, so they can experience 3.0 and the glory that is The White March!


Keep on rockin!


Fantastic! Thank you so much for the wonderful news, and thanks for being so responsive to the fans. :)

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I have had White March 1/2 installed since they were released but never played them.  Steam version, all patched up.  With POE2 released, I went back to play White March...



I have the Stronghold access issue.  If I try to access the Stronghold I get the popup 'You cannot access the Stronghold here'.


I reloaded the save 'Burial Isle (PRE-ENDGAME)' and it has the same issue, can't access the Stronghold.


When I try to run ReactivateStronghold from the console it tells me 'The command or script 'ReactivateStronghold' is not available at this time.

What am I missing or what can I do here?



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