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Firebrand weapon (from Forgemaster's Gloves) Does not work



I've just equipped Maneha with the Forgemaster's gloves, and when I use them in combat to produce the Firebrand flame sword, I'm still getting her previous weapon (Tidefall's) effects for damage.  Please see the following two screenshots:




You can clearly see she attacks the ogre while wielding firebrand, but he takes slashing damage from Tidefall and she even heals based on Tidefall's life-leech property.


I've attached a save game so you can reproduce it yourself:



Steps to reproduce: Start battle,  use forgemaster's gloves, attack, note that the enemy takes damage and effects corresponding to previously equipped weapon - namely, in this case, Tidefaller.


Thanks for your time.

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Further testing has revealed that if I click on the weapon (literally just left click on the Firebrand icon as if I were going to switch weapons to it, even though it's already equipped) I suddenly begin doing fire damage on subsequent attacks.  Without that left click, it's as if I'm not using Firebrand at all even though it shows it as equipped, and in fact it subsumes the slot for Tidefaller.

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Hey WhiteKnighted,


Thanks for bringing this issue to us. I have confirmed your bug. On the first use of Firebrand, the spell was working correctly, but when I summoned the weapon again in the same combat. It was using Tidefalls damage and procs. I have written up a bug report and added it to our database.


Thanks a bunch! 

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