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[3.01] Fisherman's penance bug



I just tried to do the fisherman's penance quest. I entered the hut at 5 am and while I was investigating the memory after taking the bracelet, the following suggests that the clock changed around to 6am while I was reading.


At the end of the memory, there suddenly was a message of some fisherman npc accusing me of stealing stuff. I think the message didn't even have its own text window but instead was appended to the text of the last text window of the memory. I remember this because strangely, the name of the NPC was in the middle of the text window while the memory was displayed as being a text window of my main character (his name was still on the left).

This resulted in not having Lurgolder spawn. In fact, no one spawned and I couldn't get the quest to advance by waiting for night again. When I went back at night, there was a single hostile fisherman attacking me - killing him did not do anything.


I solved the issue by reloading, resting two times to 22 pm and then investigating the bracelet. Sadly, I overwrote the save, but I guess it's repeatable by letting the clock advance from night to day while checking out the bracelet.

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