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Can't complete White Forge questline



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I hope it isn't bad form to add to this topic. I am having the same issue. I added the adra orbs and plate(?) to the forge, it fired up and I was attacked by 3 spirits and some forge guardians. If something was supposed to trigger after I defeated them, it failed to do so.

Unfortunately for me, I then spent a while running around looking for anything else to activate and now this is my earliest save game:



I hope you are able to figure a solution out.

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Uhm, after you have defeated the guards, did you try to 'activate' that Green Adra Crystal in front of the Dragon Head (you were placing the orbs intto)?


I was waiting for something to trigger too, until I accidentally mouseover'ed it and noticed a different interaction icon. (so just right click it, and there a dialog will appear)

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Yeah, that was totally my "issue" *hangs head in shame*


I blame my fat fingers and Swiftkey Flow for writing "Thank toy" in the last post, but I can't find any way to edit it (because I am still restricted, I guess...)


Anyway, thank you once again :)

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