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[BUG] Boots of speed and other modifiers



You asked me on Twitter to come with it here so here I am, as promised.


Basically the issue is that Boots of Speed, Fast Runner and similar items/skills don't work. 

Without them my character is running but when I put them on he moves with the same speed as he did before but there is walking animation.


I compared boots of speed char vs non boots of speed char and they moved at the same speed. It's also true when not using boots of speed on the first character. This does make things a bit harder - especially for ranged builds/classes. It also makes some talent choices useless for all intents and purposes.


Enemies didn't appear to suffer from this problem. They moved at great speeds (I am looking at you High/Low Tide monks!)

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Are you by chance referring to this?





I know they made the speed boost only work in combat so parties would stick together while exploring (I, for one, welcome this as I hated when I was trying to stealth and some idiot would go miles ahead of everyone else and run into trouble.)

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