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Hi guys,


I played the game shortly after its release...and now I want to play it again, but it seems the game changed alot. I remember ranger being weak character in the past, but not anymore, right? As i wanted to try high dpm character i'm torn between cipher and ranger. There is lot of info about cipher but nothing about ranger. Can someone give me advice how to build ranger? Which pet, skils and so on.


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Hey drop man


18 might

8 con

19 perc

19 dex

Dump int

Leave res alone


Pet wise antelope name it Bambi


Beginning of the game get the disappointed and put a dmg ingredients enchant 1 on it that will last you early game


Race wood elf


1. Wounding shot

2. Resilient companion

3. Vicious aim

4. Ruffian

5. Penetrating shot

6. Defensive bond

7. Driving flight


That will get you through the beginning of the game your goal is to get to white march asap and get the soulbound hunting bows it's extremely good on ranger


Hope this helpa

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