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Patch 3.0 : U.I.Bug (active effects icons)



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Loaded up Pillars for the first time since installing 3.0 and I noticed white square icons (placeholders for missing icons?) next to Pallegina's portrait that seem to correlate to the "Pallegina Attack" buffs. Here is a screenshot: http://abload.de/img/291650_screenshots_20kdpdb.jpg


Are these supposed to display like that? I don't remember them being like that in 2.x

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I've got the same "<char> attack" portrait bug on my main character.


These status effects were NOT on my char when I loaded my Final Save to play WM, they seemed appear when I traveled to Caed Nua.


Anyone know what causes these effects? I often can't tell what effects are on my char at a glance because the white box pushes other icons down.

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