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  1. Ah never mind, I noticed it kicked once. Must be one-shotting my chars before I noticed before. I need a bigger shield...
  2. Started up WM2 yesterday after many months off and got myself to a particular boss who can one-shot Eder. For some reason Unbroken isn't triggering for him, or for my PC fighter either. Did it break? Did the rules change for Unbroken? Does it not trigger for certain enemies or conditions?
  3. I've got the same "<char> attack" portrait bug on my main character. These status effects were NOT on my char when I loaded my Final Save to play WM, they seemed appear when I traveled to Caed Nua. Anyone know what causes these effects? I often can't tell what effects are on my char at a glance because the white box pushes other icons down.
  4. Since GOG 1.03, Shadowing Beyond has a 3 second duration. I already hate my rogue because Stealth is useless. Anybody else having this problem?
  5. I don't see a suggestions thread so I'll add to yours: - Defend or Cancel Turn option to deal with riposting/deflecting enemies when a buddy doesn't have appropriate weapons. - Dire wolf damage could use nerfing on Normal. If I don't get the initiative and there are 3-4 wolves, it's lights out unless I have a Summon. Fine for Hard but too much for Normal. - Sell All Junk option. - Quicksave that doesn't rely on Checkpoints would be nice. - Canadian head during character creation would be nice. I'm probably 80-90% done, but besides some unusual spikes in difficulty on Normal mode (w
  6. Thanks for the reply. I hope the devs consider adding a pass turn in a future patch.
  7. Hi, when the only targetable enemy is in riposte stance, and one of my party members does not have a ranged attack, how do I pass (or do nothing) in the turn? Is there another strategy I should be using?
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