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  1. After every druid spiritshift and after combat, weapon is still equiped like in combat
  2. Thank you but ... in the new patch there is a small bug, because after hovering mouse over the pause button, the date and time are not displayed as previously.
  3. Ok I do speedrun with new save and now I have no problem. Old save is only bugged. Thank you
  4. I don't know this is bug or not, but... - Maneha cut voice acting in half
  5. no, no no I hate soundtracks, but in Pillars music is something magical and I sometimes listen to it.
  6. Thank You for Your answer. There are some classes to be repair (but all bugs are known) and game will be almost without bugs like in 2.03. I'm nothing more expect of the game. This game is beast . Can't wait till we get 3.02, keep your hard work and give us better game, now is almost perfect;)
  7. ok so, after patch problem still exist... when you start your adventure in story mode Calisca has half the health.
  8. I have this same problem but with attack +5 deflection, when I equip hatchet and dagger (start game as cipher and choose The White that Wends). I noticed too when I remove one of them and equip one more time I don't get bonus to attack +5 deflection.
  9. Thank You for Your welcome and fast answer. Maybe I will give out more on this forum. I' m huge fan of Your company since KOTOR 2 and Pillars of Eternity is best game I ever play (I'm player since 1988 ). I will not bore You...
  10. Hello, I' ve got strange bug always when I start the game. When i'm create my hero, and talk to Odema, and when Calisca is joining to me, she has alway half the health. I' ve got "strange illness" and maybe I should have half the health? Edit: ok so I did some tests, and it exist only in "Story Mode", in others modes she has full health.
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