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Is the Royal Edition game guide PDF updated compared to the hardback?



Hello Obsidian!


I already have a hardback copy of the Pillars of Eternity walkthrough/guide book. The PDF version that is included in the Royal Edition, has it been updated to keep up with changes introduced by patches + The White March expansions + etc., or is it just an identical copy of the hardback in PDF?


A pretty straight up question, the answer to which would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Identical copy.

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I have a Kickstarter copy of the game which shares more or less the same content as the Royal edition, and I can confirm that the Strategy Guide hasn't been updated with the patch changes, much less the new White March content. For example, the Sanguine Plate is still listed as having the Retaliation mod.


I'm not privy to Obsidian's plans, but as far as I know there are no plans to update it to better match the current state of the game's balance and content. If you're still planning to get the Royal Edition, take it as more of a curiosity than anything, I'd say, especially because it lists a couple of quest solutions and companion storylines that were cut/rearranged in the final game.

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