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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] extra accuracy bonus to chars when loading old save



I noticed accuracy was at least +6 too high for all of my party, when loading an old save from patch 2. Just a guess: maybe an old Zealous Focus effect is still stuck on the characters, or something, and stacking with the new one? I recall a paladin aura stacking bug of some sort, but it only affected range, and was fixed in an earlier patch. Maybe that guess is wrong.



Everyone's at max level. Zahua's accuracy breakdown, for example, is:


+36 Monk (BUG: should be 30, Monk's base accuracy)

+6 Weapon Focus: Peasant

+39 Level

+15 Transcendent Suffering 4

+6 Zealous Focus [Pallegina]


But this bug affects every character, including PC:


Wizard PC: +26 Wizard (should be 20)

Pallegina: +31 Paladin (should be 25)

Durance: +26 Priest (should be 20) -- he didn't have a weapon focus talent in this save, which made me think paladin aura as possible source of +6 modifier.


These two confuse me even more, the discrepancy is +11 (edit: figured this out, it's gloves of accuracy +5, also being double counted):

Hiravias: +31 Druid (should be 20?)

Grieving Mother: +36 Cipher (should be 25?)


Area transition did not fix, nor does combat affect it. It does show up in the combat log, with the incorrect values. Toggling Zealous Focus doesn't fix either.


Removing and then adding the party members *does* fix them, so that's nice. But I'm not sure how to fix my player character. Maybe it will go away on its own at some point.



EDIT: more info


I went back through old saves. The problem definitely starts when a Paladin is in the party and has an active Zealous Focus. Found one save right after I had recruited Pallegina but before leveling her: no accuracy bug (Wizard base == 20). Very next save (in Catacombs): accuracy bug (Wizard base == 26)


New saves created since the 3.0-beta patch don't seem to have the problem, so that's good. But save & reload of an old save doesn't fix it.


Also strange: a druid PC in a different save, seems to have a +9 bonus ("+29 Druid" accuracy). Other characters in that save are bugged by +6 (including GM).

Ah, but that druid has +3 gloves of accuracy. So maybe any accuracy bonus from the save is getting duplicated.

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I was afraid you'd ask that ;). Disclaimer: I haven't used Dropbox in ages! Hope I did this right:




If not let me know, I can give it another try.


Assuming I found the right save, it should be in The Gref's Rest, max level wizard, date 2016-1-16. You'll get the Spell Mastery pop-up on load. I have a lot of older saves too if it helps.

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