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So how do you guys feel about 3.0 so far ?

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I have tried it a little and i must say some things are still not as i would like them to be the "multi-class" talents for example we all know that some are better than others my querstion is why are they weaker than the "original" version ? I mean we pay a talent for the ability talents are valuable so it would be fair to gain the same as the class that the ability originates from. :)


Also they all should be at least 1 per encounter instead of per rest that sounds fair. Lastly some of them should be revisited the Druid or Chanter talent for example just aint worth it in my opinion .


Speaking about the Druid can someone tell me what exactly scales with level ? Damage and DR only ? Because if thats the case there are basically only 2 forms that make sense to me eighter the Bear or the cat so it would be cool if the Wolf the Stag and the Boar recieved a boost to actually make them attractive choices. I really like the Stag for example but the few bonuses to your defense throws don't make this form a good choice. Yes i do know casting is better and that the Spiritshift is only a gimmick but it is a really cool gimmick :D


Has anyone tried chanters and their faster chants yet ? I would appreciate some feedback on that the same goes for 1 handed style is it actually a good option now ? :)


Since you asked for some feedback on Athletics and Survival i can't really say much about athletics i only had like one point in athletics but if it does scale well enough throughout the whole game a free heal is always good . As for survival i like what you did there since the extended duration option is still available if you invest enough having more options and thus being more adaptable is a good thing in my book :)


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Outlander's Frenzy still says 1/rest on its tool tip. Of course, that might be a bug, since IIRC that was being changed to 1/encounter as well.


But yeah, the others should be 1/encounter. Aspirant's Mark is pretty solid debuff to toss around in fights, it doesn't stack with Blindness however.

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It's awesome. Big AoE and long duration. Especially good for fighters, rogues and barbs with on-crit effects. The high ACC of fighters and rogues often lead to a crit when casting this - prolonging duration even further.

Also Prestigitator's Missiles are good now. They work with Penetrating Shot and Driving Flight (maybe even with stunning shots?) and can do some nice damage on low DR foes. They also work with Deep Wounds. Maybe Sneak Attack also gets applied. Good for chars with guns if they need to fire off a shot now but are still reloading.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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