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I'm twitching to see gameplay

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Actually, that's a good idea for a variety of reasons. It gins up some excitement. It promotes the property altogether. For me, it helps me see the game mechanics which should be virtually the same in both physical and electronic format. I mean, while I don't mind being an agitator, I can cut you guys some slack for not wanting to keep doing the weekly vids if no-one shows, but if you could at least test the waters, I'll definitely watch just so I can get a feel for how the game plays. I did watch a little video on youtube, but I actually find twitchtv pretty entertaining. It's certainly put me in touch with a variety of profanity I hadn't heard since my days serving in the navy in Biloxi and some I hadn't even heard at all.


If you could do it and let us know, I'd be at least one person who'd appreciate it and hopefully other denizens would also.

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Okay, now, this doesn't seem like a soul rending decision. We'll be gentle with you blokes. We want to see how the designers enjoy the game. There is no downside for you. Surely, Paizo can't complain seeing as how there are already youtube videos about the property. Come on, Obsidz! You can do it!

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When I can watch few hours of Paradox Grand Strategies on Twitch, and having fun, I bet I can watch your PF exploitation as well :p

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