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[v3.00.929 PX1-Steam] Untiring Party?



My party travelled from Gilded Vale to Durance Bay, did a bunch of quests and returned to Caed Nua all without resting or becoming fatigued.

Measured by a pending attack on the Stronghold this was almost 3 days in-game time.


Is this what should be expected?



It was just over 3 days in total but I did camp out on Heritage Hill so not a continuous 3 day stint :blush:

However before I camped the party had been going for nearly 2  days with several small fights and in v2 I would have expected (at least) the less athletic party members to have become fatigued.

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OK, thanks, I'm OK with it, health loss usually forced a camp before travelling fatigue set in anyway.


This is probably worth a *hint* on the loading/transition screen as it's a significant change from what BG veterans might expect.

Could be explained that travel times allow for minor pauses/comfort breaks so the party is travelling at its best sustainable speed.

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