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Cutscenes in Story Time causing damage



Started a new game, Story Time / Trial Of Iron, 3.0 beta patch


This is the early scene at the windmill where some villagers are demanding to be let in:






The second screenshot is right after the scene ends, and my characters look like they've taken some damage, healing up to full endurance right away.


Later on, this is right at the beginning of the battle with Maerwald; nobody has attacked yet but all my characters are down to 80-85% endurance for some reason:




They don't heal until the fight ends, of course.  I reloaded and changed the difficulty to Easy and everyone started the fight at full health; back to story time and everyone starts at 80-85%.  It seems to happen whenever the game takes control of the characters like in the scenes above.  In another save it happened at the start of the ogre attack on Stalwart as well.

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Hey Fenixp,

This specific bug was caused by the party losing their Story Time bonuses during cutscenes. After the cutscene finished, the party would regain their bonuses, increasing their max endurance and causing them to "take damage".

It's all been sorted out now =)

Thanks everyone!

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I try my very best.

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