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[3.0 beta] Spell mastery kills



When I loaded up my save (which I started with the original release of PoE back in March) I got the info screen about spell mastery. The problem is that when I choose those spells and finish the "leveling up" it actually kills the character in question. I've uploaded the save in question https://www.dropbox.com/s/79qs8o6t05qczr1/spellmasterykills.zip?dl=0

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Hello Jotra,


Thanks for pointing this out to us. I loaded up your save and it seems that it  is only happening with your save. When I use a different save, I cant get this to happen. I have written up a bug and forwarded it to the appropriate department. I did find a work around, if you gain enough experience to level up, your characters will not get maimed. 


Thanks for your support and helping out on the beta!

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